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Pamper your Pets at our Resort and Full-Service Day Spa. 

For more information on our quality services, give us a call or come and check us out.

☎ 817-378-4014

Give your pets the Resort Quality experience they deserve. 

If your pets are more than just some dog, than give them a Resort experience. We strive to provide our guests a safe and calming experience, with a trained staff that understand quality pet care needs. 

In our Day Resort your pets will be matched up with a Buddy or Buddy Groups to ensure a safe play environment. We will also have private group play for dogs who have existing family units or for the pet that doesn't like to be in buddy groups.

In Overnight lodging your pets will stay in their own private suites ranging from 5ft to 9ft wide and 6ft to 8ft deep. All Overnight lodgers will have access to our Day Resort during their stay as well as private or group evening resorting.

Our Full-Service Day Spa is a great way for your dogs to be pampered by our certified pet stylists. Take advantage of getting your dog the best in coat care. Our stylists are certified in proper skin and coat care, breed standard grooms as well as modified custom styles. We specialize in starting care for puppies all the way to senior care for the older pets. Our stylists and salon staff work together as a team to ensure that your pets have a safe and enjoyable time in our salon. 


Our Services

Dog Boarding

Dog Day Care

Dog Grooming

Dog Training


Full-Service Grooming

These services provide proper skin and coat care, breed-specific, modified hair styling, or full de-shed and coat shaping for double-coated breeds. Shampoo, skin cleansing and conditioning. Ear cleaning (flush if needed), full comb out, fluff dry and nail grinding.

Pricing is a starting base price and may vary on coat type, temperament, age and if client expectation of custom style is achievable.  

Under 20 Ibs.

 $68 And Up

21-40 Ibs.

 $80 And Up

41-60 Ibs.

 $91 And Up

61-80 Ibs.

 $103 And Up

81-100 Ibs.

 $114 And Up

100+ Ibs.

 $126 And Up

Full-Service Bathing

These services provide proper skin care, double-coated breed maintenance, drop coated breed maintenance with light shaping or dead coat removal for short, coated breeds. Shampoo, skin cleansing and conditioning, ear cleaning (flush if needed), full comb out and removal of light undercoat packing and tangles. Fluff dry and coat polish for short, coated breeds.

Under 20 Ibs.

 $57 And Up

21-40 Ibs.

$68 And Up

41-60 Ibs.

 $80 And Up

61-80 Ibs.

 $91 And Up

81- 100 Ibs.

 $103 And Up

100 + Ibs.

 $114 And Up

Other Services

Nail Grind Only - $15

Ear Flushing Only - $14

Teeth Brushing - $12

 (If dental is not needed)

Capstar - $12

Anal Glands - $12

Flea Shampoo - $12

Excessive De-matting 

starts at $12 and up pending the amount of matting and tolerance of the dog. If your stylist thinks, it's best to re-start the coat please respect their professional opinion.

Special Services 

Pet Safe Coat Color

(As an add on to regular styling appointment assistants are needed)

Brush out only

(No bath or Trimming)

Under 20 lbs.

$25 and up

21 - 40 lbs.

$35 and up

41 - 60 lbs.

$45 and up


61 - 80 lbs.

$55 and up

81 - 100 lbs. 

$65 and up

100 + lbs.

$75 and up

Overnight Lodging

We reserve the right to limit the number of dogs per suite at our sole discretion. The safety and comfort of dogs left in our care is our #1 priority, and as such, we may not be able to accommodate multiple pets in the same suite.

One Dog - $41 Per Night

Two Dogs - $64 Per Night (Same Suite)

Three Dogs - $89 Per Night (Same Suite)

Four Dogs - $106 Per Night (Same Suite)

Additional Lodging Services and Fees

Intact females in season or heat cycle require extra care and sanitation practices. This fee covers the care required to keep females safe from other dogs and the extra necessary daily sanitation of the kennel suite and bedding. 

Sanitation Fee................... $4 Per Day


If your pets require medications, please send medications in original bottles with clearly labeled instructions on the bottles or packages. All medications will be given per the owner’s/vet’s instructions.

If your pets require injections, please provide clean syringes and needles for each dosage required daily.

Medication Fees

 $3 Per Day

Insulin Injections

 $3 Per Day

Day Resort

All dogs must be up to date on shots, including Bordetella. Proof of vaccinations is required from vet. Dogs are accepted into Doggy Daycare after a behavior assessment to determine temperament. Any dog with a history of fighting/biting other dogs or Resort Attendants will not be eligible. Please see a manager for details.

First Dog………………$27 Per Day…………. $106 (5-Day Package) …………. $424 (21-Day Package)

Second Dog……………. $23 Per Day………. $95 (5-Day Package) …………. $311 (21-Day Package)

Third Dog……………. $18 Per Day…………. $66 (5-Day Package) ……….…$230 (21-Day Package)

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